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Space planning

Getting maximum utility out of any given space is an art, and the very essence of interior design. Trust us to leave you amazed with how much more can be done.

Architectural Design

Great architecture should speak of its time, place and people. But it should also aim at being timeless in its design. Our goal is to bring out that perfect balance and create perfection. 

Interior design

Every space shows its full potential when the design truly reflects the people that it is built for. Understanding this dynamic is what we’re good at.

Landscape solutions

Life is like a landscape – We live in the midst of it but can describe its true beauty only from a distance.

About Form & Space Architects

Founded in the early 90's, Form & Space Design Consultants offers comprehensive design services in the fields of Architecture, Interiors and Landscape design. Our dialogue based approach to understanding our Client's requirements and constraints helps us establish the "realities" and "boundaries" of each Project. The entire subsequent design process, from concept to realization, costing and engineering, is executed with these in mind.

We believe that good design identifies with the personality of the people utilizing the space, making it truly their own. It is beyond aesthetics and functionality. It's about being able to fully experience the space.

With our base in Hyderabad, India, F & S currently designs Hotels, Commercial /
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